23 December 2019
18:00 (UTC -5)

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Afzal Hookah Battle Junior league Miami 2019  — is the local league event Hookah Battle, which will be held in USA, East Coast!

Competitions will be held on December 23th. We invite all hookah masters to participate for the right to be called the best master of the Miami 2019! Registration for participation is already open!

Participants need to prepare a hookah for the jury who will assess your hookah on 4 criteria: (a) the quantity of smoke, (b) the taste, (c) the quality of inhale and (d) aestetic design. A participant can be any person of legal age 18+. You can participate as an individual or as a representative of a your hookah company – hookah lounges, hookah catering, hookah manufacturer etc

To register as a member you have to fill a simple form on the official website Hookahbattle.com. (The detailed guide how to registrate a team here)

Participation in Hookah Battle is free!

And of course every true connoisseur of hookah culture must not miss this exciting event.

Top 10 teams base on online voting will will compete for the top prize – $1000 and the chance to win a grand prize – the trip to the special resort from Soex company, India.

Of course, a true connoisseur of hookah culture should not miss this event: you will find a lot of interesting things for yourself, touch the culture of Miami hookah smoking , taste all hookahs of competitors and get the right to vote for the team you like!

See you at Afzal Hookah Battle Local League Miami 2019!

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CEO of DMZtv, a YouTube based channel geared to Hookah and Entertainment. Our main focus is Product awareness, 1st look videos and creative content.


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